Brad and Heidi Brewer

Today‚Äôs guests, believing that Too many people pass away before writing about their life and sharing their stories and advice with their families. This belief compelled them to develope a website that makes it easy for anyone to type answers to interview questions and then publish their writing as hard cover books that they can give to their family. Meant to be a gift that will keep their legacy safe and secure for generations. Asked what Their favorite thing about this creative work is they responded, “We believe strongly in the vision and potential to change lives and improve relationships through this project. It has the potential to spread throughout our communities, the nation, and the world, helping people understand their one-of-a-kind importance. When Speaking about lessons learned through out the course of this project they stated “There is going to be resistance, and there are going to be setbacks. We need to be dedicated and resolute that what we seek to bring the world is worth fighting for.” It is my pleasure and honor to welcome to the Morning fuel podcast family. Part of the team Brad and Heidi Brewer.

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